advanced lumen ultrasonic washers:
RoboSonic, OptoSonic, OrthoSonic and NeuroSonic
the new concept of cleaning

uSonic technology helps to improve your department’s efficiency, saving time & money

Advanced lumen cleaning

Our non recirculation cleaning technology, combined with our unique LumiPurge system delivering chemicals directly to the inside of hollow instrument, is dedicated to the most challenging hollow, complex instruments providing more effective and efficient cleaning than any conventional washer.

Reduce risk

To reduce costly and hazardous manual reprocessing, improve quality and cleaning consistency, uSonic allows to integrate pre-cleaning and conditioning steps (chemical flushing, pre-soaking, ultrasonication and internal lubrication) into one fully automated cycle.

Be faster & save time

We developed uSonic technology to deliver more efficient cycles by uniquely combining ultrasonics, spray cleaning, and independently controlled internal flushing in one continuous cycle.

Use detergent efficiently

With uSonic, the inside of lumen instruments can be cleaned using a different concentration of chemicals – delivering cleaning agent to where it is needed most. Using chemicals efficiently reduces waste, saving money and the environment.

Reduce operator errors & downtime

uSonic range is internet ready, which means remote help, real-time assistance and cost effective maintenance. Large touchscreen, built-in library of instructional videos and safety checks included in the programming make, it easy to operate by experienced and new staff members alike.

Why choose uSonic technology?

  • Limited cross-contamination
  • More efficient internal cleaning
  • LumiPurge system for increased efficiency
  • No idle time for filling or draining
  • Seamless transition between stages
  • Integral pre-cleaning, and conditioning
  • Process design flexibility


uSonic variants


Specialised robotic arms & semi automated
instruments washer

  • 6 to 12 instruments per basket
  • Integrated pre-cleaning
  • LumiPurge Chemical Flushing System


Specialised opthalmic instruments washer

  • Dedicated basket systems for opthalmic casettes
  • Multiphase process (integrated pre-cleaning: LumiPurge Chemical Flushing System and soaking)
  • Mains water filtration


Specialised orthopaedic instruments washer

  • Dedicated basket systems
  • Integrated pre-cleaning
  • Intensive coarse contamination removal
  • Intensive ultrasonication


Specialised neuro & micro surgical instruments washer

  • Dedicated basket systems
  • Integrated pre -cleaning
  • Multiphase process for high risk instruments
  • Mains water filtration

uSonic key elements

Lumen cleaning

  • High pressure internal cleaning
  • Direct connections to the basket
  • 6-24 independent connections
  • Independently dosed chemistry


  • 800W (1200W*) power
  • 40kHz frequency
  • Frequency sweep function

Advanced spray cleaning

Specialised orthopaedic instruments washer

  • Dedicated basket systems
  • Integrated pre-cleaning
  • Intensive coarse contamination removal
  • Intensive ultrasonication

Ease of use

  • Large touch screen
  • Interactive help
  • Internet connectivity

uSonic dimensions

uSonic tech spec

Overall dimensions

  • W 900 mm
  • H 1450 mm
  • D 589 mm
  • Adjustable feet with castors

Basket platform dimensions

  • W 722 mm
  • H 130 mm
  • D 324 mm

Chamber capacity

  • 40 l

Chemical supply

  • 2(4*) independent chemical connection points
  • Integrated chemical storage cabinet (up to 6 x 5 l containers)

Water Supply

  • Cold, hot*, RO*: ¾” male BSP connection
  • Drain: 16 mm, 19 mm*, 21 mm* ID 2 m hose
  • Gravity drain, max 300 mm from the floor level

Electrical Supply

  • 230 V 50 Hz single phase 13 A (25 A*)

User-friendly, intuitive design

  • Hi-end, large, intuitive touch screen
  • In-built library of instruction videos

Internet ready

  • Remote help
  • Real-time assistance
  • Cost effective maintenance

ISO 15883 compatible



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