Aseptium is all about great people,
team with passion,
high level of expertise,
experience and know-how.

Pawel de Sternberg Stojalowski

Company was originated out of Pawel’s passion for clever solutions as he is a design engineer, first and foremost. Thanks to his background in mechanical engineering (MSc 2006), automation and robotics (BSc 2006) as well as business (MBA 2013) he takes an interdisciplinary approach to projects, integrating both engineering and commercial aspects.
Decontamination of surgical instruments combines many disciplines of science and that is what brought Pawel into this environment. Complexity as well as multitude of problems require creativity and a wide spectrum of knowledge in order to devise innovative solutions.
Pawel was involved in R&D of surgical instruments reprocessing equipment since 2007. In that time he contributed to over 100 products that reached the market – from ultrasonic washers through pass-through washer disinfectors to sterilisation indicators. Today his main focus is on complex surgical instruments and challenges industry faces reprocessing them.

Chris Bryson

Chris Bryson is the Strategic Marketing Director. Chris has over 20 years of experience in technology startups in the UK and Asia. His background is electronics and optics as well as business development. Chris is Scottish and speaks fluent Mandarin. Chris officially joined the team in May 2016.

Patrick Wu

Patrick Wu is the Business Development Director. Patricks Background is Business development and knowledge transfer between UK and China in the Medical Devices Sector. Patrick is Chinese and lives in the UK. Patrick officially joined the company in May 2016.

Prof. Jay Mitra

Professor Jay Mitra is the Board Advisor. Jay is a professor of innovation and Entrepreneurship at University of Essex. Jay brings years of wisdom but also insight into business modelling development of educational and training programmes through the Aseptium’s Centres of Excellence. Jay also officially joined the team in May 2016 but has been advising in business development from the very beginning of Aseptium.