Aseptium provides Innovative Decontamination Solutions that reduce infections carried by dirty surgical instruments

Growing antibiotic resistance and prion-related diseases is a serious problem. Especially when it comes to cleaning complex surgical instruments, like robotic, hollow, cannulated instruments. These are getting more intricate and are increasingly difficult to clean and sterilise.

Minimally invasive surgical instruments market is continuously growing. This creates a huge demand for complex-instrument cleaning and sterilising technologies.

We research, design, prototype and evaluate novel solutions for healthcare and laboratory markets. We manufacture and license our technologies. Our products and services are delivered through our manufacturing and distribution partners worldwide.

Aseptium was created in 2014 and it encompasses a decade of experience with top-end decontamination equipment. We have the know-how, expertise and team necessary to provide cutting edge solutions for decontamination problems growing today.

Read about us and contact us to discover how we can help you innovate your decontamonation solutions:

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