aseptium’s Centres of Excellence

Ensure your position as an expert
in decontamination of complex medical and laboratory instrumentation

Become Aseptium’s
Centre of Excellence

Imagine yourself being get the support of an R&D company specialising in solutions for decontamination of complex medical and laboratory equipment.

This new relationship will ensure your position as an expert, a preferred solution provider to your
clients chosen because of the value you provide and not the price you charge.

•     get most advanced and versatile decontamination technology

•     discover new knowledge and learn technical skills with our technology

•     develop custom solutions with us

•     become a problem solver and solution provider not just a another supplier

•     become an expert, indispensable to your clients

The launch of the Network

We are an engineering research and development company specialising in solutions for decontamination of medical and laboratory equipment and infection control. We develop advanced technologies for cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation or complex surgical and laboratory instrumentation as well as methods to prove their efficacy

aseptium’s Centres of Excellence are distributors and manufacturers who are supported  by  aseptium  with  Knowledge, Know-how  and  Technology  that  make  them experts in the field of complex surgical instruments  decontamination.

We decided to create aseptium’s Centres of Excellence concept in a  network  because  we  believe  this is the most effective way to exchange information,  collaborate  and  develop  solutions specific  to  your  clients  and  your  environment. We understand that there are differences in regulations, standards, needs and requirements

When it comes to complex medical equipment there are no universal solutions. In this network we all learn quicker, have access to other people’s expertise and  find  innovative  solutions  to  problems  on  the
local and global level.

We will develop our centres as an international network created around aseptium and its technology.


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Aseptium'c Centres of Excellence Brochure V.1.0


Still not convinced?
Read on…

It’s created WITH YOU

It only makes sense to develop ACE around you and you can become the one that leads the change in your local area, be it a region or a country. Being an ACE helps you solve your clients’ problems with confidence, because with ACE it’s easier get to the bottom of issues and understand underlining science and causes of problems.

In an environment shaped by the requirements of its users, you become the “go to” person because you provide expert solutions based on:

•     sound decontamination multidisciplinary knowledge
•     state of the art technology
•     skills that translate knowledge into technology

aseptium’s Centres of Excellence is our way of ensuring the quality of service delivered with our equipment to the end users. We     want     to     be     confident     that     our     equipment is set up and utilised to the best of its abilities, as well as optimised towards local requirements, however complex they are.

We  work  best  with  people  who  also  find decontamination sciences fascinating, enjoy complex problem solving and embrace collaboration and innovative technologies.

Sounds interesting? Read on…


How Aseptium Centres
of Excellence work?

It is not about decontamination anymore. It is about you becoming the leading solution provider having the most advanced technology, knowledge and right skills to support it

This relationship goes beyond simply selling equipment and providing service and maintenance support. It is about creating an environment where YOU get supported and not because of the equipment you are dealing with, but based on the problems you are trying to solve for yourself or your clients.

Complexity of instrumentation and equipment are reaching levels never experienced before. At the same time, our understanding of science and best practices evolves allowing us to see the magnitude of problems decontamination professionals must deal with.

Increasing complexity of instrumentation, use of robotics and automation created a great challenge for the decontamination processes and the need for innovative solutions that go beyond what we know and use today.

aseptium’s Centres of Excellence are a proposition developed for those who want to ensure their place at the forefront of technology and become leaders in the industry. As a company who develops and supports innovative technologies, we want to be sure we work with partners who share our vision, values and philosophy.

If you feel like you are a good match and would like to find out more, sign up for an online discovery session.

Why do we bother?

aseptium was created to tackle the biggest challenges of the modern medical and laboratory
decontamination environment

We see decontamination sciences as a fascinating combination of various disciplines of science and engineering. We also understand that problems we solve are critical to the proper functioning of any hospital, clinic or laboratory where complex reusable instrumentation and equipment are used.

Combination of the fact that it is fascinating and meaningful at the same time makes what we do great.


Philosophy behind
aseptium’s Centres of Excellence

We analysed what enables us to create innovative new technologies.
We understood that it is down
to the research and our core engineering and scientific expertise so we have based aseptium’s philosophy on three pillars:

Technology, Knowledge and Know-how

  • Technology

    It is about the engineering excellence infrastructure
    that provides equipment and methods that
    make the instrumentation fully operational
    and compliant to regulations time and time again
    in any environment, no matter how complex
    and problematic to decontaminate they are

  • Knowledge

    It allows us to see problems,
    understand reasons for issues and also know where
    to look for answers. It is the working knowledge
    of decontamination sciences that includes
    physics, chemistry, microbiology and medicine.

  • Know-How

    Technical skills, the ability to translate the knowledge into tangible outcomes through
    technology. It is all about experience, best practice. and understanding how things work in order to use their strengths and overcome the weaknesses

We  believe  that  only  when  seen  as one  entity  –  technology,  knowledge and  know-how  –  will  provide  the
right environment to make a difference and challenge  decontamination  issues  specific to your setting. We operate in this environment  and  trust  this  is  the  way  to  be able  to  come  up  with  remarkable  solutions. This  is  the  background aseptium’s Centres Excellence are developed on.



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