Research & Development

Aseptium’s consulting service is dedicated to Medical Equipment Research and Development.

We specialise in solutions (products, systems, processes) for cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation of surgical and laboratory equipment and accessories.

We offer expertise and advice on technical aspects of decontamination taking into consideration “fit for purpose”, technology and equipment functionality as well as usability and sustainability of solutions.

Whether it is an instrument holder for a washer disinfector or an entire cleaning system we will take it from the design concept through the prototype stage and will advise on best manufacturing options.

We embrace collaborative innovation and work with an international network of academics and professionals giving you the access to expert insight, credibility and access to local knowledge.

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Consulting – who is it for?

We work best with:

  • Manufacturers of decontamination equipment
  • Manufacturers of laboratory equipment
  • Researchers and scientists requiring engineering expertise
  • R&D institutions developing new equipment and processes
  • Equipment distributors requiring bespoke solutions

why work with aseptium?

We give you:

  • Holistic, outside the box approach to projects utilising over 10 years experience
  • Professional Enginering toolkit (SolidWorks CAD package)
  • Mechanical, Mechatronic and Robotics Expertise
  • Access to multitude of rapid prototyping and manufacturing technologies (3d printing, laser cutting, CNC machining, and many more)
  • From the concept to production – entire journey
  • Flexibility and adaptability – we understand the pace of today’s technology and work with it.
  • International network of suppliers and advisers.

…so you get clever, innovative and robust solutions based on sound engineering and scientific principles. Beyond that you gain access to best technologies from our international network.


Contact us and discover how we can best work together.

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