Process Challenge Devices (PCDs)

What can they do for us?

Why use Process Challenge Devices (PCDs)?

What do they bring to the hospital and how to assess whether they are good value for money.

How clean is 'clean'?

What do we mean by ‘clean’ in the context of surgical instruments exactly? How do we assess the cleanliness of medical instruments?

VeriTest PCD Family

Designed to save you time & money

Why develop a new process challenge device?

Why go through all the trouble of developing a new, unique process challenge devices with natural, protein-rich test soil, a uniquely shaped stainless steel tag and an accessory that test 4 challenges of the cleaning process at the same time?

How VeriTest saves time and money?

Can VeriTest process challenge device family save money for your decontamination department? If yes, how?

VeriTest PCD Family

Product manual

Tag: introduction to VeriTest family

Shape, material and function of VeriTest Tag inoculated with NATURAL, protein rich test soil (blood and other tissue) to represent the worst case scenario.

Multi Block: introduction to VeriTest PCD family

The only process challenge device on the market (to the best of our knowledge) that represents 4 challenges of the cleaning process in 1 accessory! Why it’s 4-dimensional, why we chose those 4 challenges and what does this mean to you.

Lumen: introduction to VeriTest family

VeriTest Lumen capsules, a process challenge device dedicated to replicate the challenge of cleaning lumen instruments, taking the flow inside of the instrument into account.


VeriTest PCD challenges & solutions

Troubleshooting guide

Developed to work with Aseptium’s VeriTest Multi, Process Challenge Device, troubleshooting guide helps you get the most information out of your process challenge device. How does it show an optimised cycle? How can you tell if a cycle is not optimised? How to use the guide? What does it mean if your VeriTest tag is not clean after a cycle? What to do about it? It helps optimise cycles, reduce downtime and address the most likely causes of your cycles failing without losing time.

Universal Scale of Contamination

A unique aid in assessing the outcome of the cleaning process using VeriTest process challenge devices. It identifies stages of contamination from a completely clean result to one where contamination on a tag is almost untouched. A useful, practical tool for assessing the outcomes of the cleaning process.

Troubleshooting VeriTest Process Challenge Devices

How to ensure that your VeriTest is working as it should: the most common issues, best use practices and optimisation tips. Analysis by Pawel de Sternberg Stojalowski, Aseptium’s Founder and Managing Director.

What to do when results from consecutive cycles are not consistent?

How to analyse information VeriTest PCD gives you after a cycle. What does it mean if there are differences between cycles with the same parameters? What is happening?

Dirty tag: when things go wrong…

What to do when VeriTest finds a fault? When the test fails and the tag comes out dirty: what does it mean? What to do about it? What are the next steps?

Instructions for use

VeriTest Multi Block: loading

VeriTest Blue: IFU