2nd meeting of Lunch Scientific: new networking group at the Centre for Health Science

Welcome to Lunch Scientific!

First of its kind networking group at the Centre for Health Science. Once a month we organise a working lunch with a view to integrate CFHS’s community. We want to encourage all to get to know each other, share stories about their scientific endeavours with a view of finding useful information, contacts and support.

Next (second) meeting:
Friday, 2nd June 2017
12:30 – 13:30
Pathfinder Office (CFHS, Phase 3, 2nd floor)
all welcome!

1. Welcome
2. 60s Introductions
4 Q&A
5 Networking

Pitch is an art of convincing others to your idea – and the more specialised and advanced the subject, the more challenging explaining it to others becomes. It takes time to develop a perfect pitch and there are certain techniques that help us achieve that.

Klem has worked with several technical brands (she looks after Aseptium’s brand and communication as well) and spent over 3 years building her network through business networking groups, delivering 45-secs, 60-secs and 10mins presentations on weekly basis. She leads a Busines Group for Polish Professionals in London where a 60-second pitch is an embedded element of a meeting agenda. During our next Lunch Scientific she is going to lead a 20-minute workshop on how to develop an effective pitch.

More about Klem:
Klementyna de Sternberg Stojalowska has worked in the world of advertising and branding since 2004, on the agency and client sides. She worked with some of the biggest international brands and learned how they approach their brand strategy.
Today, through her branding consultancy Inc Element, Klem utilises this experience in developing brand strategy for start ups and small businesses.

In 2015 and 2016 she interviewed 90 founders of small, medium and international businesses, entrepreneurs from across industries and those conversations inspired her to investigate the elements that make a Brand Hero. The outcome of this process led her to write a book about brand heroes, which is going to be launched this summer.

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Lunch Scientific at the Pathfinder Office, Centre for Health Science

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Pawel de Sternberg Stojalowski MBA, MSc, BSc is a research and development specialist focusing on innovation within decontamination sciences. He’s been involved in R&D since 2007, designing equipment, processes and methodologies for cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation of surgical instruments as well as medical and laboratory equipment.