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After weeks of hard work, the moment has arrived: we have finally revealed the new uSonic washer. Just in time for the 4-day conference with potential distributors from Belgium and the USA. The Belgian company operates not only within the borders of their native land, but the Netherlands and Luxemburg as well, while the American company covers the entire country. Both groups got the VIP tour of our technology (international patent pending), and we discussed various approaches to their markets: key decision makers and key persons of influence in the industry, current situation, requirements of customer and end users, future of the industry on the whole and in its niche departments.

USA market proved to be as fascinating now as ever, due to differences in legislation, requirements as well as sales strategies, perceptions and purchasing practices. Those deliberations were of great value as the information provided was from people who work with hospitals on daily basis.

We also received a very valuable feedback in terms of uSonic itself, relating to variants and accessory packages required for different customers, as well as marketing strategies proposed for those different markets.

Aseptium uSonic 40 detail
Aseptium uSonic 40 detail
Aseptium uSonic 40 detail
Aseptium uSonic 40 detail

The next step for us is to continue testing our washer with several popular cleaning chemistries in order to perfect dedicated cleaning protocols for particular classes of instruments we believe our technology is best suited for – ophthalmic, neurosurgical, robotic and orthopaedic.

At this stage, we know that both groups really like our product and, most importantly, see potential in their respective markets for its implementation.

So watch this space: with new aspects of the machine to focus on, we can’t wait to make them ready for testing. And we always think about how our products will improve the market and there is hardly ever just one – there is a whole system of products waiting in the wings. We will keep you posted!

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